We'll keep adding frequently asked questions. We're still in pre-launch. If you can't find your answer here, you may contact us

Our Mission:

LetsMultiply is here to provide a solution to people struggling. You have a higher life purpose than working and paying bills. While living in fear, your vibration is too low. LetsMultiply is here to create abundance as it is a higher vibration. We are entering the 5th Dimension. It's part of the worldwide movement of liberation. From the same driven force behind the creation of bitcoin and altcoins. Love is behind this, every step of the way. This project was inspired by spiritual guides and a higher source. You'll see how beautiful it is the more it deploys itself. This will be the biggest direct selling network of all times. Share your link and watch it grow, watch it grow. Even as builders, we're only participating in something that had to be built. It's fascinating.

When was this launched?

In June 2017. This is brand new! We’re still in a very early pre-launch.

What are the products sold?

We're still in pre-launch. At this point, we are building our affiliate force. We'll start adding content soon for customers. Long story short: When you send money to your friends and their sponsors, you are receiving coins, which you'll soon be able to use to buy and access masterclasses and eCourses on YourChief.com . So, basically, once you’re a ‘waver’, you are selling masterclasses to your friends. Many categories will be covered to please everyone. ;-)

Hint: We just got on board one of the best forex and cryptocurrency traders of the world. You'll soon have access to his incredible knowledge through his masterpiece course normally only available to his multimillionaire students.

I didn’t receive the confirmation email, what do I do?

Verify your junk/SPAM FOLDER. You can request another confirmation email from the warning message at the top of many pages. Do this once max. If our mail can't be found even in your spam folder, then your email service provider is really too strict (this happens in 1% of the cases (ex: icloud.com, yahoo, sbcglobal)). Then we suggest opening a gmail account. It takes a minute, it's free and anyway you'll love having all the payment notifications and questions from your downline sent in one place. Tip: Many members also add an alert on their phone for when they get a payment notification.

What do I need to do to start?

Sign up. Follow the simple instructions. When there’s a video, watch it.

Choose a name for your earning center here:

Watch this 3-minute video:

Watch this 1-minute video:

And activate a few waves:

How do we activate a wave? How do we pay someone? Who/where are they?

To activate your first wave:
A. Go to the 'waves' page: letsmultiply.com/waves.php
In wave1, you will see 2 names.

B. Click on both names to expand the boxes.
STEP 1: Choose your preferred payment method and send a payment.
STEP 2: IMPORTANT! After payment, you need to notify the seller. Enter your transaction# and click on the ’Notify' button. The seller will verify your payment and will activate your position. Please be patient it can take several hours.

When both positions in wave 1 are activated, your name will appear in wave 1.
Then, share your affiliate link.
Activate as many waves as you can as fast as you can.

How much does it cost to start?

To activate wave 1, send $10 to both names in wave 1. Later, to activate wave 2, send $25 to each of the 3 names in wave2. etc.

Do I need to share?

Yes. Share your link with your friends and on social media, in groups of people who love MLM and matrix. If this was about baseball, you'd share it with people who love baseball. Well, it's the same, share this with people who love this.

I have sent $10 to both of my sponsors and my Wave 1 has been activated. What do I have to do now?

Share your link with your friends and on social media, in groups of people who love MLM and matrix. When they will join, they will be on your first level. They will send you $10 to activate wave 1. They will all share their link with their friends. All their friends will be on your second level and they will all send you $10 to activate wave1. All of the poeple they will attract will be in your business and your business will grow exponentially. Activate wave 2 when you are ready and start enjoying $25 sales on 3 levels. All those people will build your levels 4,5,6,7,8 and you'll start receiving $50, $100, $250, $500 and $1000 from many when you'll activate your waves.

Please activate my position, I have sent a payment.

Only the person who has received the payment can activate your position, because only him/her knows if he was paid and him/her has the 'Activate' button to activate that precise position of yours.

Which payment method should I accept? How do I set up my payment method for this?

There are 30 payment methods in your profile page. Simply open an account with those you think your downline will prefer to pay with ( Paypal, Payza, Skrill, SolidTrustPay, Blockchain, etc). You might want to ask your upline and downline which ones they prefer. The more payment methods you accept the wider of an audience of buyers you will please. Then enter your info in the profile page. (For example, to receive payments to your payza account, enter the email address set in your payza account. That's how payza members send money to each others; They use the email address.) So, enter that email in the field 'Payza email' and turn on Payza to accept it. Do this for each payment method you accept. And save your profile. When your friends will see your name in the waves they will see the payment methods you accept and your info to pay you directly.

Can this program be promoted offline?

Yes! This is a MLM. We have many affiliates promoting LetsMultiply almost exclusively offline with great success. They love social interaction. They watch the 'How-it-works' 3-minute video together ( letsmultiply.com/how.php ) And they look at the images and numbers under the video. The sponsor knows his friend has understood when at some point his friend's eyes light up. And they get crazy. The beauty is when people let it sink in, when they realize they can turn $20 into $1000+ and then use $75 from that $1000 to activate wave2 and make thousands more. And then climb their way up to wave 3 and waves 4,5,6,7. Just like in real estate, when one starts with a small 2-door rental property and then buy a 3, 4 and 12-door rental property.

Is there a maximum I can refer in my first level.... Meaning what if I get 100 people.... Will I still be paid $10 from each of them??

Yes! You can refer as many as you want. They will all go on your first level. The example in the video with 10 is only an example, it can be 100 or any number. There is no limit. And yes, they will all send you $10 if they want to activate their first wave and all their friends too will send your $10. And that's only the beginning: The same 100 will all send you $25 to activate wave2, all their friends on the second level too and all the people on the 3rd level will also send you $25 to activate their wave 2. And then there are 5 more waves with higher amounts and more levels. It's always the same people upgrading and adding waves to their business portfolio. Yep, you're starting to see the potential of this. :-)

Are there banner ads, text ads and flyers available?

We're still in pre-launch. They are not ready yet. We have a lot of work, this is exploding like crazy! They will come. For now, you can use the logo, the text on the website and in the videos to promote LetsMultiply.

Can I activate waves in any order?

Yes you can activate any wave you want in any order you want. However, just keep in mind that most people that you'll sponsor will activate the waves in order, so if you only activate wave 3,4,5 you'll be missing out on all the income generated in waves 1 and 2.

What will happen if someone signs up from my link before I send any money to the sponsors in the waves? 

Your referrals will still sign up in your downline but keep in mind they will only see your name in the waves and be able to send you money once you have activated some waves.

How do I know that I am under the correct person ?

Go to letsmultiply.com/downline.php . You'll see your upline in the top section. You can click on each and contact them to get help and ask questions. You can also see how many waves they have activated.

The seller doesn’t accept the payment method I wanted to pay with, what do I do to pay?

Choose one the seller accepts and open an account with that service, add funds to it and send the funds to the seller. Keep in mind that you are about to accept payments from a large variety of people so you will need that account anyways. The more payment methods you accept the more convenient it will be for all buyers in your downline to send you money.

I have paid my sponsor but he has not activated me yet.

Have you clicked on the GREEN NOTIFY BUTTON? If not, you've missed Step2.
After payment, you need to notify the person you have paid.
A. Go back to the 'waves' page.
Click on the position you want activated to expand the box.
Reselect the payment method you have used.
And this time don't forget Step 2:
STEP 2: Enter some info in the field to help the seller find your payment and then CLICK ON THE GREEN ’NOTIFY' BUTTON.
The seller will then be notified that you have paid him and he will obtain the 'Activate' button for your position. He will search for your payment and will click on the 'Activate' button. Allow him/her several hours to verify your payment. It's a manual operation. Keep in mind you are paying other members, they are learning, just like yourself. They are busy, they have jobs and if it's late they might be sleeping in their country. Be patient, you'll soon be that person receiving payments from people around the workd wanting a rapid activation. ;-)

Shoud I send an email to the person I have paid to tell him/her I have paid him/her?

NO. Sending an email is NOT the way to get activated. Sellers only have access to the 'Activate' button once you've clicked on the 'Notify' button. Sending an email only is extra work for the seller. Avoid it please. You’ll understand once you start receiving emails too.

The right way to get activated is to go to the waves page, click on the position you want activated, the box will expand, reselect the payment method you have used, and DO STEP 2 to Notify the seller from there. Once notified, the seller will have an ‘Activate’ button to activate your position.

Why do I see Ascension instead of my sponsor?

For your sponsor to appear in a wave, he/she has to activate it. In the meantime, you’ll see ‘ascension’. Ascension's role is to make sure that all members who want to upgrade can. This is a race. Make sure to upgrade to as many waves as you can as fast as you can to avoid missing out on everyone upgrading in your downline.

I paid ascension instead of my sponsor, can I get a refund?

We don't receive the payments. Members are paying members directly. All sales are final once a position has been activated because an activation can't be reversed. Plus, if ascension's name was listed, your sponsor had not yet activated his wave and was not entitled to receive that money yet. Furthermore, if ascension took time to receive the notification, verify the payment and activate your position, ascension deserves the sale.

It's a race. It's all part of the idea: People in your downline will want to avoid missing out on sales so they will activate their waves before their downline do and you'll make many sales.

Why don’t I see my name in the waves I have activated?

You won't see your own name on the 'waves' page. The 'waves' page in your own account displays your sponsors names for you to see who to pay in order to activate your waves. When you will share your affiliate link with your friends, they are the ones who will see your name in all the waves you have activated. That is for them to see who to pay to activate their waves.

How come my name appears only once in each wave?

Your name appears once per wave. It changes position depending on who looks at the list.
Ex: When you share your link, here's what your direct friends see (they are your first level):

In Wave 1:
Position 1 is your name.
Position 2 is your sponsor.

Wave 2: Position 1 is your name.
Position 2 is your sponsor.
Position 3 is the sponsor of your sponsor.

When your friend shares his link:
In wave1: Position 1 is your friend's name.
Position 2 is your name.

In wave2:
Position 1 is your friends name.
Position 2 is your name.
Position 3 is your sponsor.

*That is of course if each sponsor activated their waves.

Someone notified me of a payment but has not paid me. What do I do?

If you can't find his/her payment, simply click on the 'Decline' button. Sometimes people are confused on how the system works. You can send them an email to offer help to that person, it's your downline, your team.

The person I paid is not activating my position. What do I do?

Allow time to people to check their notifications. You are sending money to members. People just like you, busy. Usually people activate within hours. However, if it takes more than a day:
1. CONTACT the person. In the box of the position you want activated, look on the left and you will see the icon of a 'envelop'. That is to see the seller's contact info.
2. If the person doesn't get back to you and activate you soon, you may have no other choice but to BYPASS that seller. Again, on the left, there is a bypass icon. Ascension will replace that seller. This means that you will need to send a payment to Ascension and they will activate you. It's better than being stuck by a 'wave blocker'. And then ask the person you had paid to refund you since he/she didn't do his job of activating you.

What is the 'Bypass' all about?

Let's say you send money to the person listed and he does not activate your position. You would be stuck. So we had to come up with a solution: The "byspass". In the position you want to activate, there is a bypass icon on the left. Then a button shows 'Bypass'. If you click on it, a corp in charge of activations when sponsors are not doing there job, will take over. You'll need to send your payment to ascension and they will activate you fast. It's better than being stuck, not able to activate a wave and knowing that you are missing payments from all your downline for that wave. Also, a bypass can be reversed if you change your mind. Click on 'Unbypass' and you'll return the normal sponsor that was listed.

I have a notification saying 'Bypassed'. What is that?

Someone in your downline has clicked on the bypass button. This means that for that position only, the buyer has chosen to get activated by someone else. This happens extremely rarely. This almost only happens when someone in your downline sent you money and you didn't activate his position in a timely matter. If it's not the case, feel free to can contact him/her and ask why he/she clicked on the bypass button.

I can't upload my profile picture.

Uploading the profile picture works on every device and browser except firefox. Suggestion: Use Chrome.

Who is my upline?

You can see your upline from the upper section of the page Downline. You can click on each to see their contact info and how many waves they have activated so far.

How do I activate someone?

When someone in your downline will pay you, he/she will also send you a notification by clicking on the green notify button. Then, you will get a notification. A red number will appear at the top of the page. You'll end up on the page 'Notifications' and you will see a box with the info the buyer. You will have 2 buttons: Activate or Decline.

Some people in my downline have not yet activated their first wave. What do you suggest I do?

You can see the contact information of your downline by clicking on each centername on the page downline. You can send them an email or message and ask them if they need help in getting started. That will make a big difference in everyone's lives. Also, ask them if they have watched the 'How-it-works' video once or several times. Ask them if they understand it clearly. Do they see the potential. Ask them to explain it to you in a few short sentences. Etc. Did they look at the images and numbers under the video? You want to find out if they realize they can turn $20 into $1000+ and then use $75 from that $1000 to activate wave2 and turn it into thousands more. Then climb their way up to wave 3, 4,5,6,7 just like they woud in real estate when starting with a small 2-door rental property and gradually buying a 3, 4 and 12-door rental property.

The point is that people get excited when they realize the potential and how this works. Just make sure they really understand. Some will say or believe they do understand, but haven't yet. If they would, they'd be really excited, just like you are.

How do I know this is honest?

Each member is paying each member directly. For example, you enter your paypal address and your friends send money directly into your paypal account. Plus, the concept is quite clear: You sponsor people, they send you money to activate their waves and to buy coins which you can use to buy masterclasses.

Is this a pyramid, gifting or a ponzi?

No, this is a legal MLM (Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing). According to the Direct Selling Association, millions of Americans are involved in direct sales, adding $36 billion/year to the economy. Some of the leeriness is based on myths and misconceptions about network marketing, and fears of scams. Some get confuse when they see examples of duplication. Duplication is everywhere is nature. That's how plants, animals and humans propagate. Our own body duplicated from 2 cells up to trillions. Anything viral, pics, videos grow from one person telling others who in turn share the news with others. YouTube videos and Facebook & Twitter posts propagate in the shape of a pyramid. Adding dollars to the equation doesn't change a thing. Duplication, in any shape or form is legal. All businesses use word-of-mouth advertising and all distribution networks spread in that shape. Duplication and the pyramid shape has never been the problem. It's legal in every country.

The real debate has always been in deceptiveness. Governments want their population satisfied, furthermore when you are exchanging money.

When you buy a lotery ticket or play at the casino, it should be for entertainment only (right!). When you join a MLM, you should be exchanging money to buy products to either consume them or to resell them. That's why LetsMultiply is a MLM and legal. You are buying coins from LetsMultiply. The person you've paid earned a 100% commission so he/she gets to keep the amount collected. As you buy coins, you'll see them added to your member area. One US dollar buys one coin.

Now, of course, to have any kind of market value, those coins should eventually buy you something of such value. The website YourChief.com accepts our coins as a form of payment for their masterclasses, ecourses and digital content. So we could say that when your friend pays you $10, he is receiving access to a $10 eCourse. There are masterclasses in different ranges of prices grouped by 'waves'. Activate wave 4 to be allowed to sell $100 worth of coins buying a masterclass at $100. In wave 7, you make $1000 per sale. You keep it all. The authors are happy that you keep all the profits of the sale because they get buyer leads. Gathering clients would normally have required them to buy advertising which can surpass the price of the first product sold. YourChief offers them guaranteed customers with no upfront risk. And if our clients love their material they might buy everything else they create. Authors love it! This also assures our customers that the material is excellent because the author only makes money on the next material they sell. This formula requires them to deliver very high quality content and to seduce you.

So, now you know the plan. We're only in pre-launch and many things are coming. LetsMultiply will be the biggest MLM of all times. And YourChief.com is coming too. We'll start with that for this year, and we'll keep adding throughout the years.

One last thing: We want everyone to be satisfied. LetsMultiply provides a worldwide solution to so many people struggling. Often, the reason why people struggle financially is they have nothing to sell other than their time per the hour. We are very proud to offer this opportunity. You finally have something to sell: Coins buying masterclasses and digital products. This is simple and is duplicable. You're not alone anymore to generate an income. You can enjoy the force of a group. Togetherness. However, like any business, you'll have to talk about it, you'll have to attract customers and affiliates. And you'll have to manage those customers and sales. Each time you'll make money, you'll have a notification of a payment and you'll need to verify that you have received that payment or not. And if you have, you'll have to manually press on a button to tell the system. It might sounds great, but this can quickly add up to hundreds of payment notifications a day and become overwhelming. And you'll have customers buying in the middle of the night. That's the thing about being in business online, you receive money from everywhere in the world, from all timezones. Beware that if, after spending a huge $20, you are too lazy to share this until it works out, you might fail and you might end up with only a masterclass teaching you how to make money buying and selling cryptycurrencies or about other topics. That's the risk you are taking. And that's what some people might try to protect you from when calling this a pyramid scheme or a scam. We know, it's terrible. Run. This is very very dangerous. Beware, beware. (humor). Oh, and chances are that your sponsor is your friend, so you pay $10 directly to your friend plus $10 directly to his friend. That's like paying them a drink or invited them for lunch. So your friends are richer and you have coins to access a masterclass. This opportunity is great because it lets you see if it's for you for almost nothing and if you love it then you activate more waves. That's why everyone is satisfied.

But since you are asking this question, you are most probably aware of the real ponzi scheme that's been going on for over 100 years taxing up to half of your paycheck each and every week. Here's the video: The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind