Special Interview

Today, we have a special interview with a lady who has EXPLODED her earnings almost overnight with LetsMultiply!

Seeing the quantity of activations and sales that she is making, we have asked her how she does it and if she would be generous enough to reveal her recipe to everyone!

So, if you would love to know her secret, start by watching her video testimonial and then read this eye-opening interview. (5-minute read)


Here's our interview with Linda, where she is revealing everything in a short and sweet way. She kept it simple and concise:


Welcome Linda! Thank you for having accepted our invitation of revealing to all our members how you made this happen! That's very generous of yours. Many members dream of earning as much as you do. So, tell us; How did you reach such a level of success so quickly? What happened? What's your secret sauce? What would you agree to share today with every member of LetsMultiply, so they can replicate your success?


(Laughing) First, thank you for inviting me! I'm excited to tell everyone of our community exactly what I did! We're a big family! You have all helped me so much by building LetsMultiply and the support team is awesome! It's my turn to help out now!

It all started like this:

I remember, I had this thought: "Hey, there are thousands of people in many Facebook groups. I'm sure that many would love to receive money today in their PayPal account."

So I opened Facebook and I went in some groups and posted my affiliate link. Then, a few hours later, I received $10. I was very excited.

And a few hours later, I got another $10. I said: "Wow, this is working!" So, I posted my affiliate link in a few more groups. Nothing is easier, so why not?

And another $10 and $25. I got $30 the next morning along with a few more tens. So, I kept sharing my link in more groups. And after a few days of doing so, I had many payment notifications during the day. I remember my phone that kept notifying me of PayPal payments received.

One more, one more, and another one.
First thing I knew, I was activating people several times a day.

That first week paid a lot of urgent invoices and I started feeling that chest pressure lift off.


We're very happy for you! We have many members posting in Facebook groups and they are doing great too!
We've invested close to 2 years building LetsMultiply for you guys. Everyone who works here is on a mission to help! We've been thinking about perfect duplication for years and we had this idea of LetsMultiply after 30 years in MLM. We've built downlines of tens of thousands of people and we know what works and what people want. So many people are looking for a way to make money online and we wanted to create something that anyone could do. We wanted to create perfect duplication. This implied that no one would have to learn anything new or be asked to do anything that they don't already know how to do or that they dislike. We wanted to build something that would duplicate fast for everyone. And people had to make money right away, and lots of it. We wanted people to be paid instantly many times a day. And we made it happen! We've built it! We're very proud of LetsMultiply. We've made it so easy that even a child could do it because all that is required is to do is to share a link. But did you know that there's over a million lines of code behind this?


I didn't know that but you sure made it very easy for us to make money. It's true that I had nothing new to learn. I only shared my link and it worked! I don't even speak English fluently as you saw in my video testimonial. I speak French. So, yes, I believe that anyone can do this. It's really great! Well done! Thank you!


There's one week where your income literally exploded. Have you done anything different?


One morning, I had one big 'aha' moment! I thought: "What if I wrote a personal message to a few group owners and moderators. Many work long hours moderating their group without making any money. If they would join LetsMultiply they would post their link to all their followers and my downline would boom!"

That's what I did and one joined! A super-affiliate. He started posting about this on his group.

That week, I became nuts. I was suddenly receiving tens of payment notifications per hour.

I didn't have time to eat and would end my days in the late hours and every day I got up with a long list of people waiting to be activated who had signed up throughout the night.

So, that's when I asked my sister to start helping me. I couldn't do it alone anymore. I suddenly had too many people to activate.
And since then, I work with my sister. We're really fast.

That influencer ended up personally sponsoring over 2,000 people! Can you believe that?


Yes, we sure have seen that!! So, that's how your downline exploded! Thanks for telling everyone! Brilliant!

One last question: Why would anyone not succeed at this?


I think that most of the time when people start something new, they simply don't know what to do. They need to be told what works and then they do it.

I think people underestimate what a few posts in a few groups can do. There are sometimes thousands of people in each group.

I found out that for every 8 people who joins, I quickly make $10, $25 and $30 throughout the week. Many people activate their first 2-3 waves because it's very cheap and the return can be huge. Then, they activate more waves as they receive payments.

You know, the important thing is not the initial money that this person sends. When I receive money, I know that this person will share his or her link and I'll earn on everyone that joins and activates a wave on 8 levels! So when I receive a payment, I know it's only the beginning of many more earnings to come!


Thank you Linda for your insights. I'm sure many will appreciate it!


I'm very happy that you've asked. If I can be of any help to this community, I know what it is to struggle financially. I've been there.


A final note?


I think that, at times, we all feel we're not moving forward anymore in life. We feel stuck. We don't know what to do anymore to take back control over our life.

LetsMultiply popped up one day on my screen and it appeared doable and something inside of me told me, for some reason, that I could change my life entirely with it.

I told myself that I could share my link on social for a few days just to see what would happen. I shared it a lot that first week. And a great adventure started.

Since then, I quickly paid all of my past due bills and I started breathing once again without all the pressure of anxiety. I started soothing myself and taking care of myself. Eating better, thinking straight. I now spend a lot of time with my sister. We talk and have fun. Life is good. I also travel a lot now. You should see me activating people on my phone everywhere I go. My next goal is to buy a brand new camping trailer and activate people while being on the road. That's coming soon. Am shopping :-)


Wow! Thanks Linda, or should I say: Merci!


Ce fût un réel plaisir! Bonne journée! (It's been a real pleasure! Have a nice day!) Oh! And thank the team for having built this and for all the support that you guys bring every day to my big downline!


I will sure tell them! Many testimonials come in daily and this always pushes us forward! This is only the beginning for LetsMultiply. We plan on becoming one of the fastest growing MLMs.

Update: Since we made this interview, Linda got her brand new camper trailer.

She says: "Dreams do come true! Thank you so much for having built LetsMultiply!"

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